Extreme Immunity IgG Plus 2 x 126g Bags – 6 Month Supply

Shop authentic Extreme Immunity IgG Plus, for a healthy digestive tract and immune system. Ships to US & Canada via CarloPacific.com

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IgG Plus 6 Month Supply (2 x 126g/4.4oz bag) is a powder form of serum-derived immunoglobulin concentrate. Due to its higher immunoglobulin concentration (>50%) than our original Extreme Immunity powder, IgG Plus is an even better natural source of IgG for use in digestive health, immune support and sports nutrition products.
As a unique alternative to Colostrum products, IgG Plus contains no lactose and is free of milk proteins, such as casein and β-lactoglobulin, which can be poorly tolerated by some people. It contains very low levels of saturated fat.

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