Human Nature Natural Shampoo Bar Zesty Vanilla 2.5oz

$ 7.99

Our solid solution to healthy hair and a healthier planet is finally here! Breaking free from waste can now be as easy as keeping your hair gorgeous with our potent, nourishing care wrapped up in a bar.

✓ Cleanses without drying your scalp
✓ Rich, pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, avocado oil and mild coconut surfactants to keep your hair soft.
✓ With bright citrus and vanilla notes to keep your tresses smelling fresh and clean
✓ Lathers well and rinses off easily so you save more water
✓ 1 Natural Shampoo Bar = 2 Bottles of Shampoo. Our Natural Shampoo Bar lasts 2x longer* than 180ml liquid shampoo so you save on money and even less plastic waste!

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