Nutrient-Rich, Organic, and GMO FREE foods for a Healthier Lifestyle and a Happier You.

NUCO is in the business of transforming lives. NUCO’s passion is to benefit the local Philippine coconut farmers through the sale of their sustainably-grown, organic and natural coconut products. The company only partners with mission-minded businesses that support local and global communities. A portion of NUCO’s profits go directly to social, economic and environmental projects. The end result is changing the economic landscape of the Philippines through business and job creation, strengthening community values, and improving their role as stewards of the land through modeling sustainability and care for the environment.

Its strategy of selling high value coconut products will help increase profit margins for farmers which in turn will provide a direct positive impact on their finances and their communities as a whole.

As NUCO strives to grow, so will its efforts towards providing a better future for farmers and their communities.