Traditional Medicinals 6 Packs Organic Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea Tea 16 teabags

$ 29.95

Personality Smooth and silky. Herbal Power Helps you sing it loud, say it proud, stand up and be heard—plus, gives your immune system a boost! Reason to Love With a smooth and silky feeling, this blend of comforting and slightly slimy-in-a-good-way herbs is like taking your voice on a vacation. We love licorice root for its sweet, harmonizing characteristics and marshmallow for its well-known soothing properties. With the added immune-stimulating properties of echinacea, you’ll be singing it loud and proud in no time. Taste Sweet, viscous and lemony, with echinacea’s characteristic tongue-tingle. Ships from the U.S, expect delivery in 30-45 days.

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