Teami Beauty Mask

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Bring your skin back to life with our super beauty mask facial! Reveal smooth, hydrated and plump skin with each use. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless skin!

Reveal your own beautiful, radiant skin complexion with our natural, effective formula. Teami Beauty Mask is a repairing facial mask created to rejuvenate and restore skin to its natural balance.

Formulated with Butterfly Flower, which is rich in antioxidants & polyphenols, Zinc Oxide, a key mineral part of your skin’s dietary defense squad, and Kaolin Clay, a gentle exfoliator perfect for all skin types. This super gentle, restorative mask works to reveal smoother, hydrated, and more supple skin, that’s never stripped of moisture. 

That’s right, this mask will not leave your skin feeling dried out or overexposed, ever. Our Teami Beauty Mask is a unique ultramarine color that naturally occurs by blending our Butterfly Pea Flower Tea into this formula!

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