Primal Kitchen 12 Count Vanilla Collagen Fuel Drink Mix Packets 0.54oz

$ 32.95

Carry your collagen with you. PRIMAL KITCHEN® COLLAGEN FUEL® Stick Packs are the ideal take-away top up with 10g of bovine collagen peptides in every serving. This velvety vanilla coconut flavor is ideal for shakes and coffee, made with creamy coconut milk powder, decadent vanilla extract, and sweet monk fruit extract. This stir-in powder is made without gluten, whey, grains, soy, dairy, or sugar*, and is Keto Certified, Paleo Approved and Paleo Friendly. Collagen helps support hair, skin, and nails while adding smooth, rich flavor to your favorite beverages. Conveniently packaged for single use, these COLLAGEN FUEL® Stick Packs are the perfect way to add a kick of collagen to your diet.

*Not a low-calorie food.

  • Made with 10g of Type 1 and 3 Bovine Collagen Peptides (per Serving)
  • Made Without Dairy, Grains, Whey, Gluten, or Soy
  • Keto Certified, Primal Approved, Paleo Friendly

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