Kirkland Signature Optifiber 26.8oz

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Kirkland Signature Optifiber™ is an easy way to add fiber to your diet. Many Americans are not getting an adequate amount of this important nutrient from their diets alone. Optifiber™ quickly dissolves in hot or cold beverages and is flavor-free, sugar free and non-thickening so you can easily add it to your favorite foods without even noticing! Our fiber is even grit-free so you can easily stir it into foods like yogurt and oatmeal to boost the fiber content without changing the taste. Each serving provides a good source of fiber to support a healthy digestive system.†

• Natural Prebiotic
• Good Source of Fiber
• Supports a healthy digestive system†
• Sugar-free, flavor-free, grit-free
• Add to your favorite foods and drinks without even noticing! 

• Natural Fiber Supplement
• Completely Dissolves in Water
• Non-Thickening and Grit-Free
• 190 Servings

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