Boulder Canyon 12 Packs Avocado Oil Canyon Cut Kettle Potato Chips Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt 5.25oz

$ 36.95

Inspired by the carved canyons outside our home town, these wavy Canyon Cut chips are cooked in pure avocado oil for a uniquely subtle, buttery flavor. Thickly cut and satisfyingly crunchy, your favorite dip will be asking for more. Made with premium American grown potatoes from an original family recipe, they’re kettle cooked in small batches and seasoned to perfection.

Cooked in 100% Avocado Oil, these canyon cut chips are topped with the mildly tart, slightly sweet flavor of Malt Vinegar complimented with just the right amount of salt.

Delicious kettle cooked potato chips
Perfect for anytime snacking
All natural
Gluten free

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